How to Confidently Share Your Brand Story and Spread Your Message to the Masses

Raise your hand if you’re absolutely terrified of sharing your bigger brand message with the world? Or if you’re worried about negative comments or backlash for your opinion? Or if you fear what others will think or say when they encounter your website, blog posts or any other content you create?

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Using Brand Stories to Build Your Instagram or Facebook Following

Using brand stories to build your Instagram or Facebook following is the latest, greatest digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own business or helping a company scale their current online presence, using brand stories to build that following is essential in today’s over-saturated, noisy online environment.

So what kind of stories should you be telling and how exactly do they fit into your Instagram or Facebook growth strategy?

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How Rachel Hollis Used Brand Stories to Build Her Media Empire

Raise your hand if you love Rachel Hollis! Even if you don’t, you can’t deny she’s built one heck of an empire. And while it might be easy to assume her success comes from luck or connections, I think it’s a mix of hard-work, resilience and leveraging the power of her stories to scale her business.

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The Key to Success is Conflict: How to Have an Opinion & Position Your Brand to Solve Problems

Today I’m talking about the often dreaded conflict in your brand story and how to maximize this part of your content so your brand or business stands out as the solution to your client’s problem. If you’re worried about pissing people off, then this article is a must read!

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The Question All Successful Business Women Ask Themselves Every Day

Wondering how the best in your business become so darn successful? It’s not just systems, structures, Facebook ads and Instagram followers that keep women in business. In fact, those are just supporting factors!

What really drives success is mindset and there’s one very important question that must be asked every single day to maintain your momentum.

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Where To Start When You are a Brand New Entrepreneur

I remember when I was just starting out like it was yesterday: I spent countless hours pouring over business blogs, podcasts and attending workshops in the hope that I would finally crack the code to business success. I always knew being a small business owner wasn’t exactly easy, yet I had no idea the amount of strategies, tactics and trends I had to be aware of in order to grow and scale my business.

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Behind The Scenes of Marie Forleo’s B-School: Why I Enrolled When I already Have An Online Business

So why join Marie Forleo’s B-School now? Trust me, it’s been around as long as I’ve been online and I’ve worked a total of four affiliate launches for not one but two of her top-tiered partners. I know the program pretty well and can easily say that at least eight out of my ten best friends have already completed the course at some point over the years.

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Are You Tired of Doing All The Things in Your Business?

A common question I hear a lot is, “When did you decide to start delegating?”

In total honesty I am not great at delegating. A notorious Type-A recovering perfectionist, I’m still a sucker for doing the job myself. That being said, it wasn’t until I learned the art of delegating (or leaned in to outsourcing) that my business really took off.

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How Gillette Leveraged the #Metoomovement To Tell A Better Story & Take A Stand Against #Toxicmasculinity

Hold the phone friends, Gillette just dropped a new ad campaign that’s making waves! If you’ve been following the #metoomovement in the United States, you’ll know that sexual assault and violence has come to the forefront of our cultural conversation. Gillette’s response, its stand against toxic masculinity and the strategy to leverage a social cause in their storytelling, is a near perfect example of brand activism in action.

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