28 Ways to Share Your Brand's Story

Want to bring some va-va-voom to your brand storytelling efforts? NEWS FLASH: Brand storytelling isn’t just website copy, super long sales pages or social media posts. There are a lot of fun and creative ways to use your brand’s story that are not your typical traditional examples. Today, I’m sharing with you what came to mind when I brainstormed all the different places you could use your brand story to successfully get your business seen and heard.

Go ahead, get creative!


28 Ways To Share Your Brand’s Story

A more traditional approach (which you’re likely familiar with)...

  • Website copy (About Page, Services, etc)

  • Long or short-form sales pages

  • Social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook posts, etc.)

  • Presentations / pitch decks

  • Keynote speeches

  • Newsletter / email campaigns

  • Business card

  • Landing pages

  • Interviews / elevator pitches

If you’re tired of the tried & true, add a creative twist…

  • Ebooks

  • Downloadable PDFs / content upgrades

  • Vlogs

  • Instagram or Snapchat stories

  • Podcast

  • YouTube show

  • Shareable images / GIFs

  • Custom hashtags

  • Tedx / Ted Talks

  • Custom built smartphone application

  • Forums

  • Ads

  • Partnerships

  • Your voicemail

  • Biz collateral (like mugs, notebooks, pens, stickers, stationery…)

  • Infographs

  • Email signature

  • Internal documents (HR, Marketing departments, Admin…)

  • Signage / posters (anything you hang on your office walls)

You have the amazing opportunity to share your brand’s story, mission and values in so many places - so do it! Look at every blank space as an opportunity to be brand aligned. Whether you are speaking, recording, writing or sharing snapshots...you can weave brand storytelling into each moment.

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