Storyliving: Buzzword or Next Big Thing?


A purpose-driven brand goes a lot farther in today’s market than brands of the broadcast era.

Where we could once say we took a stand for environmental rights, animal causes or social justice issues, today we must prove we walk the talk. If we don’t, our customers (perhaps the best business watchdogs of all) will call us out.

(Calling us out, by the way, isn’t such a bad thing.)

Which is where storyliving comes in.

In a nutshell, it’s the brand’s story played out in everyday actions and decisions. It’s not just a mission statement stapled to the corporate wall. It’s the brand’s truth, lived each day in the way the company operates (from R&D to customer service to the bottom line).

Storyliving isn’t new (though marketing buzz makes it seem so). It’s simply what we conscious marketers have known for some time: building a brand (whether legacy, equity or awareness) isn’t in the cash thrown at advertising, but in the small and incremental ways the company and its employees show up to the do the work.

Every. Single. Day.

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