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Behind The Scenes of Marie Forleo’s B-School: Why I Enrolled When I already Have An Online Business

So why join Marie Forleo’s B-School now? Trust me, it’s been around as long as I’ve been online and I’ve worked a total of four affiliate launches for not one but two of her top-tiered partners. I know the program pretty well and can easily say that at least eight out of my ten best friends have already completed the course at some point over the years.

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Are You Tired of Doing All The Things in Your Business?

A common question I hear a lot is, “When did you decide to start delegating?”

In total honesty I am not great at delegating. A notorious Type-A recovering perfectionist, I’m still a sucker for doing the job myself. That being said, it wasn’t until I learned the art of delegating (or leaned in to outsourcing) that my business really took off.

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The Three Scariest Marketing Strategies of 2018

My favorite is when I sign up for a newsletter list and their onboarding emails begin. Nine times out of ten they pile up in my inbox (because does anyone have that kind of time to devote to daily emails after we just met?) and then the inevitable, “LAST CHANCE TO BUY” email shows up which means somewhere in the unopened email sequence I was pitched something. Problem is, they don’t even know that I didn’t read their emails.

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