The Question All Successful Business Women Ask Themselves Every Day

Wondering how the best in your business become so darn successful? It’s not just systems, structures, Facebook ads and Instagram followers that keep women in business. In fact, those are just supporting factors!

What really drives success is mindset and there’s one very important question that must be asked every single day to maintain your momentum.

What is that question?

I’m sharing it below!


The Mental Game of Staying Motivated

When they say “success is an inside job” they aren’t fooling around. Without the proper mindset, no amount of money, status or access will keep you successful for the long-haul.

I’ve had clients who’ve come to me with literally thousands upon thousands of followers or subscribers and yet they weren’t making any money.

I’ve worked with women knee-deep in the to-do’s of their growing business, head down and focused on all the details and yet they continually held themselves back when it came to sharing their brilliance with the world.

What I’ve seen over the years (and have direct experience with myself) is that motivation and a can-do attitude stem from one simple question that women must ask themselves every day in order to level-up and play a bigger game.

That question is this: what would she do?

She being the 2.0 version of yourself.

She being the woman you know you are capable of becoming.

She being future you.

Leveling Up to YOU 2.0

The problem faced by so many entrepreneurs is that they live in the past and only dream of who they’ll be in the future.

Instead of stepping outside of their comfort zones to become the women they dream of becoming, they keep doing what they know and feel comfortable with instead.

The solution?

Every single day, before getting out of bed, ask yourself: what would she do?

How would YOU 2.0 dress? How would YOU 2.0 manage your workload? Would YOU 2.0 jump on Facebook first thing in the morning or would YOU 2.0 sit on her meditation pillow instead?

This question doesn’t just apply to business either. It can be used in ALL areas of your life!

Getting annoyed with the long line at Starbucks? How would YOU 2.0 react?

Feeling lost when it comes to your branding, marketing or growth strategies? What would YOU 2.0 do?

YOU 2.0 might prioritize her day different. She might not be so quick to fly off the handle, get stressed or feel overwhelmed. She might clear space for what really matters and delegate the rest.

She might start a podcast. Write a book. Raise her rates with confidence. Or book that dream destination vacation she’s had on her vision board for the last five years.

YOU 2.0 requires you to live outside your comfort zone. She needs you to push yourself past where you are today to meet her tomorrow.

But you can’t when you’re still just dreaming of who you could be.

So instead, start acting like the woman you know you are capable of becoming.

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