The Story We Tell Ourselves


The story we tell ourselves is pretty important.

Follow-through, it turns out, is nothing more than listening to that little voice in your head telling you to either do the thing or not.

The easiest story we tell ourselves is that it’s not going to work out.

That whatever we want (to lose weight, meet our ideal partner, travel the world, pay off debt, launch a business…) is too far out of reach.

It’s easy to dream big and then give up because of some external factor. (ex: that workout was too hard, the idea is too expensive to implement, I don’t have the time, etc.)

On the flipside, the hardest story we tell ourselves is that it IS going to work out.

That requires some serious moxie and a whole lotta focus.

It means we need to say no to other things to say yes to this one thing.

It also means we might fail. Or we might succeed.

Which story are you telling yourself?

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