The Three Scariest Marketing Strategies of 2018


I love everything about this time of year.

The leaves changing color.

Hot-spiced anything.

Cuddling up on the couch.

Wool socks and cashmere sweaters. #hyggegoals

From Halloween to the first Christmas markets, nothing says happiness more than this season.

Except...scary movies.

I hate them.

Blame it on my consistent low-level anxiety I guess but anything that gets my cortisol spiked is not my best friend.

That being said, this year I’ve seen some pretty scary and downright ghoulish marketing behavior that deserve some Boo-tastic shout outs.

1. The Winner for Scariest Entrance: The Passive Aggressive & FOMO Inducing Opt-in!

There I am, minding my own business when it happens - THE POP UP.

I had just arrived on the site and BAM! I’m asked to opt-in. (Nothing says SCARY more than the first 15 seconds of landing on someone’s site waiting for that pop up to drop, am I right?) But instead of the “No, thanks” option I was forced to click “I don’t want to be awesome today.”

What year is this? 2012?

Bye, Felicia.

2. The best all-time costume: The Sales Pitch Disguised as a Nurture Sequence!

My favorite is when I sign up for a newsletter list and their onboarding emails begin. Nine times out of ten they pile up in my inbox (because does anyone have that kind of time to devote to daily emails after we just met?) and then the inevitable, “LAST CHANCE TO BUY” email shows up which means somewhere in the unopened email sequence I was pitched something. Problem is, they don’t even know that I didn’t read their emails.

They are being churned out on autopilot with no regard to if, or when they are read.

Talk about a waste of time, money and energy...facepalm

3. The Most Over-Played Death Scene: The “I Guess You Don’t Want Our Emails” Email!

This one gets me everytime. Like Sally, don’t try to reverse psychology me. I am a trained media psychology expert!

Those emails where they threaten to remove me from their list yet feign sadness are so cringe-worthy.

If you’re going to delete me, do it. No need to tell me. I probably wouldn’t notice anyways.

Telling me you’re gonna delete just helps me hit the unsubscribe button faster.

And don’t even pretend you’re gonna “miss me” when the only thing you DID know about me was my less than stellar open rate stats.

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