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The best brands are meaning-making machines. In an age when technology keeps consumers connected to brands more than ever before, companies can’t afford to blend in.

But in order to build a following - and gain the market share you desire - you need to convey a meaning that helps a customer relate to a product or service as if it were alive.

A brand is a metaphysical story that connects with something very deep - a fundamental human appreciation of mythology…Companies that manifest this sensibility invoke something very powerful.
— Scott Bedbury, former head of marketing for Nike and Starbucks

An archetype is more than a customer avatar, value proposition or stereotype. It’s the way your brand shows up in the world and connects with ideal customers.

Your brand identity is the image and values your brand represents to the world.

Your customers are human and we tap into the power of psychological archetypes to bridge the gap between their needs, desires, emotions, and yearnings.

By utilizing symbolic significance your brand creates immeasurable meaning.

The most successful brands stand out from the crowd because they stand for something. They have a personality, a distinct voice, a presence. By discovering your brand’s archetype, you align your marketing with your core message while also attracting more of your ideal customers.
— Stephanie Jiroch

So what can a Brand Analysis do for you?

Drives profitability

Increases brand loyalty

Aligns value and meaning

Increases brand awareness

Builds a brand’s core story

Creates a unified marketing message

Enhances employee morale


What’s Included

  • In-depth 120 question BrandType™ Analysis developed from proven Jungian archetype and psychological theories
  • Customized BrandType™ Guide with both your primary and secondary archetypes broken down with in-depth analysis, action items you can apply today, contemporary case studies of big brand's utilizing those same archetypes, and strategies to attract your ideal customer
  • Access to me via email for questions after receiving your BrandType™ Guide


The Process

By clicking the button above you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. Once payment is confirmed you’ll receive a link via email to start your in-depth analysis. This form requires 15-20 minutes of your time and provides me with all the answers I need to determine your brand’s primary and secondary archetypes.

As soon as I receive the completed analysis, I’ll get to work on your customized BrandType™ Guide. You’ll receive the personalized downloadable PDF outlining your primary and secondary archetypes within seven business days from the day you complete the analysis. Your digital guide will be delivered via email, please add stephanie(at) to your contact list to ensure successful delivery.

Refund Policy

Receive a 100% refund if requested within 48 hours of making your payment. Sorry, no refunds after the third day or once the guide is delivered.


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