the stand-out Story Strategy 

Every great company starts with a story. What's yours? 


The Proven BrandStory Strategy for Companies Who Want to Stand-Out From the Crowd


Whether you’ve got the next big app, you’re selling products on Etsy, listing your services online or have just hit the million dollar sales mark, your company story is at the heart of your success. Yet so many companies don’t focus on what makes them special and instead focus too much on the bottom-line.

Within one year the average person is exposed to one million commercial messages. Only companies that have a story to tell, a cause or belief to uphold, are remembered.
— Seth Godin, Permission Marketing

So while you may have the greatest, latest new thing to offer, your company’s raving customers won’t know about it till you make your story stand-out.


Emotional relationships, rooted in the sacred brand promise, are at the core of a brand’s value. These relationships are built and maintained by branded storytelling.

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Without the courage to take risks to make your company or brand not only successful but ever-lasting, you miss out on making a mark in your industry and in the world. And the best way to make a mark is to tell a story worth sharing.


The last thing I want to see is your greatness fizzling out in the sea of sameness.



So what can a BrandStory do for you?

  • Creates a professional and digital narrative that can be used across departments, channels and media campaigns
  • Drives profitability
  • Builds a strong company culture
  • Builds a loyal customer base and raving fans
  • Shows your company stands for something
  • Makes you memorable
  • Brings the human back into marketing
  • Lends credibility in a sometimes cold and sterile market
  • Is at the heart of advertising campaigns
  • Used across social media platforms to create authority, engagement and awareness
  • Gives email campaigns more traction (translated: open and click rates soar)
  • Builds a cohesive, unified brand
  • Starts conversations and gets your customers involved gives a face to your executives and employees
  • Unifies company departments
  • Bridges global markets by telling a story that speaks to the human heart

BrandStory Strategy draws together the timeless act of storytelling with the human need for meaning.

  • We flush the four aspects of a great story

  • We develop and define your key characters

  • We create a shared mental image of the company’s reason for being; what is the cause or belief that propels the company forward?
  • We determine your company’s shared values; values are what bring life to a story and to a brand.
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There are four fundamental aspects to any great story:

  1. The Message: one central ideological or moral statement that works as a theme throughout.

  2. The Conflict: driving force of a good story. Conflict addresses our emotional need to bring order to chaos, to restore harmony.
  3. Characters: what’s a story without a hero?
  4. Plot: why does it matter?

Beverly's Blooms Singapore Min Yong

"Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have had Stephanie develop my brand story and unique selling points. Her ability to ask the right questions, to tease out what's truly important to me and my business, and steer me towards a niche and to be able to tell that story has been a game-changer for my business.

Since working with Stephanie, I am able to apply her brand story and it immediately allowed me to identify and connect with my current and potential customers, which has been insightful and invaluable. Being a busy business start-up, I was fumbling with branding for the longest time and did it haphazardly and it stressed me out to have to think about it. Now I have a document and style guide I constantly refer to and it has saved me a lot of time and has allowed me to work on other important aspects of developing my business. Things are clearer, more consistent and more effective overall."  - Min Yong, owner of Beverly's Blooms


The Process


STEP 1: Identify and formulate the company’s reason for being

When push comes to shove, a strong brand is all about making a difference and this will be the guiding reference point throughout the story mapping process.

STEP 2: Gain a solid understanding of how the company or brand is perceived, both internally and externally

We'll explore your company's vision, mission, values, and milestones, as well as market trends, for a 360* view of your brand's positioning.

STEP 3: discover what drives the business

The cory story expresses the fundamental theme of the brand and company, that's why you need to know what sustains the brand from the inside out.

STEP 4: Measure the core story against competitors

A thorough breakdown of where the story lands in the market landscape.

STEP 5: Actionable next steps to apply your story for success

Every time the company initiates a new communication initiative they need to ask:         
does this story come together as a chapter in our core story?


BrandStories start at $1900 USD. 

Installments available

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What's Included:

  • Your BrandStory Strategy (PDF version): an in-depth and uniquely designed guide outlining your brand’s story, its role in your company and industry, as well as how to apply it to marketing funnels such as social media, email and advertising campaigns
  • Your BrandMantra: our method to distinguish your unique value proposition to stand-out from competitors
  • BrandType Analysis (valued at $147): an in-depth review of your primary and supporting archetypes and how to best infuse your brand with their characteristics
  • Two virtual meetings as we move through the process together, as well as email access for any Q&A 
  • Action plan to take your story from paper to profits immediately




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