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Taking your brand from nothing to something in just three months.

There are a lot of moving parts to building a brand. From understanding your target market to sales, social media strategy to content creation - building a brand can be downright daunting. There are a lot of courses out there that teach you how to build a business and there are plenty of programs to help you understand particular topics, but none that can help you build your brand from the ground up.

Until now.


Build a brand, not just a business.

Brands do three important things:

1. They spark emotion
2. They create a sense of belonging
3. They tell a story

And you know what these three things have in common?

Emotion, community and story are what make us human.

Humans are living, breathing, meaning-making beings. The best brands know this and they create a brand experience that is equally alive to capture our attention.


How I Help You

Consider me your branding sidekick for the next three months. We’ll spend quality time by phone or video calls sussing out the details of your brand vision. While you brain dump, I get to work bringing it to life.


Month 1

We start from the ground up with surveys, intakes and lots of Q&A to dive deep into what you want your brand to stand for, who your intended audience is and what story your brand is going to tell. Expect weekly calls and lots of in-between follow-up as I learn the ins & outs of your business.


 Here we’ll develop your brand’s presence. Now that we know what you stand for, how will you present it to the world? What can we say to start attracting your ideal customer? From content creation to marketing, this is where the “meat” of your brand building process is. Expect less calls but lots of follow-up as I share content for revisions, direction and final approval.


You know who you are and what you stand for. We’ve discovered what makes you special and most importantly, why potential customers should care. We’ve discovered our values, determined our online strategy and finalized our offerings. This month we’ll put the finishing touches on bringing your brand to the real world (aka your launch/debut date), as well as develop systems that keep your brand running in tip-top shape.

Before working with Stephanie I wasn’t working on building my business, I was just running my business. Stephanie help me build the confidence to have a voice to be heard in my industry.
— Crystal Butler

The BrandPsyche Difference


Psychology First, Strategy Second

In a world where the latest method, strategy or program is wanted for a quick fix, we understand that building a phenomenal brand isn’t always guaranteed. Instead of relying on the latest fad to (hopefully) skyrocket success, we dig deep into human psychology to uncover concepts that make humans find meaning in the things around them. We’ve connected the internal dots so you don’t have to, making psychology our best-selling service. Only then can we implement innovative and holistic marketing strategies that work - minus the sleaze many consumers have come to expect.



Stories Are At the Heart of Success

No great company - or brand - has been built without a story. Standing for something has you stand-out from the crowd, and sharing that in an ever-connected world is the path to success. With the amount of advertisements an average person is exposed to per day reaching into the thousands, it’s no wonder that a great brand story helps you stand-out.



The Best Brands Have Soul

By combining story, psychology and strategy, we believe that a brand comes alive for the consumer. There’s nothing worse than a lackluster brand looking to get rich quick. Breathing life into your brand, we believe in building powerful brands that have energies all their own.


Ready to Build Your Brand?

Tell me about you, your company and brand goals. I’ll work with you to manifest your brand vision into reality.


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