The Branding Sweet Spot

Ever wonder how the best in your industry created such powerhouse followings?  

There are three vital factors to consider when creating brand magic:

Brand Story | From bedtime tales your mother once read to a hero’s tale such as the Odyssey, great stories create lasting impressions. Rooted in psychological theory, mythology is a cornerstone of what makes us human.  Whether you know it or not, big brands and powerful companies speak to their customers through their story, which runs through every aspect of their company - from R&D to marketing.

Brand Soul | While the story is a major piece in the puzzle to success, it’s not complete without a thorough understanding and breakdown of your brand’s signature archetype - or as I like to call it, your brand's Soul. Based on Jungian psychological theory, a brand’s archetype lives in a preset group of values and ideals that appeals to a particular audience and further enhances the core story. Without identifying the archetype, brands can get lost in a sea of sameness.

Brand Psychology | No longer can big brands rely on traditional marketing tactics to reach and engage customers. Consumer psychology uses social and cognitive psychology theories to better understand a potential customer’s motivation, decision-making and persuasive brain patterns. By utilizing basic neuromarketing principles and psychology, brands speak with their customers instead of at them.